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Dental implants


The implants have changed the face of dentistry in the past 30 years.

They have enabled us to do something that seemed impossible, and that is completely replacing missing teeth.

Like most procedures in dentistry, successful Implantoprosthetic therapy requires knowledge and experience based on good planning of procedure, the surgical installation and final prosthetic restoration of teeth.

An individual approach to each patient and teamwork of specialists and experts in all necessary fields allow our implantological results to be excellent and long lasting, and the patients very satisfied.

Situations where a patient has an interrupted dental arch or does not want to touch their teeth to repair this loss, implants are the right choice of therapy. A complete analysis of oral health preceeds the very therapy by implants. The process of setting implants is performed surgically because they are placed in the bone to imitate the tooth root on which will later be placed a crown or bridge. Therapy reconstruction of dental tissues of the patient is carried out in collaboration with a top team of oral surgeons and periodontologists.