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Dental crowns and bridges

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When prosthetic replacement covers the entire scope of of teeth crowns we are talking about.

When we have a case where we are replacing the missing teeth in a way to bridge the gap with prosthetic replacement which is attached to adjacent teeth, then we are talking about a bridge.

Crowns and bridges are made of ceramic (porcelain), and the substrate on which the ceramic is manufactured can be different.

EMAX / EMPRESS is metal-free ceramic that is done without substrate. This kind of work has a lightness and depth closest possible to natural teeth thereby allows the highest level of aesthetics. Crowns made of Emax are highly aesthetic prosthetic substitutes used for front teeth either as single crowns or as small bridges. Technique, material and preparing of teeth is the same as for the veneers just that prosthetic replacement covers the entire scope of of teeth and not only the front surface as in veneers.

CIRKON CERAMIC is metal-free ceramic that is done on the surface of zirconium dioxide. Zircon is highly aesthetic and biologically completely inert material which prevents the build up of plaque and thus the inflammation of the gums around the edges of the crown. It is extremely sturdy and is indicated for all ranges of bridges and teeth in chewing areas with the strongest bite force.

The products are made with CAD / CAM technology that ensures perfect accuracy and precision, and the top layer of ceramic is applied manually and individualized for each patient.

Metal-Ceramic is a standard and longlasting form of prosthetic replacement that has been used in dentistry for over 50 years. In these works substrate is made of metal to which ceramic is individually applied for each patient.

Although the works of metal ceramic are very good and aesthetic can meet the needs of patients, their flaws are possible visibility of metal on the edge of the crowns at the gums and the ability to cause inflammation of on gums due to contact of metal and gums.

Nowadays, metal ceramic is used on the back teeth. Due to aesthetic defects and the existence of better and nicer materials we do not use it as standard on teeth in the smiling zone.