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Dental veneers


Veneers are thin slats that are placed on the teeth to correct their aesthetics. Veneers can correct the color, shape, length, thickness and position of the teeth.

They can be made of ceramic or composite material with addition of ceramic.

Ceramic veneers: The material from which _ ceramic veneers are made is e-max ceramic which currently has the highest level of aesthetics of all materials in dental medicine.

The preparation in office consists of harmonizing the smile design _ and making mock-up, after which the teeth are ground off in order to ensure an accurate fit, and the desired change in position or size and shape of the teeth. Grinding for veneers works according to principles of minimally invasive dentistry where a very small amount of tooth structure is removed and kept is as much as possible healthy tooth for support. This way with minimal invasiveness we reach maximum results.

Ceramic veneers are made in dental laboratory using CAD / CAM technology that gives them the perfect precision, followed by a special manual aftertreatment in order to express the individuality of each patient.

Production time varies depending on the amount of change that we take into the final smile, and through the duration of the process of production, patients have temporary veneers on their teeth.

NO prep veneers are veneers that are just glued to the teeth and do not require prior preparation of teeth. No prep ceramic veneers are indicated in patients who need to increase and thicken their teeth and where gums are not visible when smiling.

In NO PREP technology we prefer:

Composite-ceramic veneers made by FREE hand bonding method.

Working directly on the patient in the clinic and finished in the same visit. They do not require pre-grinding of teeth.

Today's composite materials with the addition of ceramic give us a wide range of aesthetic possibilities. The elasticity of composite materials allows an invisible transition between the tooth and the material without grinding of teeth, and the addition of ceramic material gives the possibility of polishing to a high brillance.