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Teeth over the years lose their natural color and brilliance. Dental enamel, which is responsible for the color of teeth is getting thinner and is exposed to many pigments in food and drinks which leads to its tanning.

Teeth whitening is the procedure whereby the teeth get back their whiteness or where new whiteness is achieved in teeth that are naturally darker.

Teeth whitening that is performed in the office under the expert guidance of a dentist and using cold light (zoom lamp) is one of the non-invasive procedures and does not harm teeth. In fact, there are research papers showing that densification of the crystal structure of the enamel after bleaching so that it becomes more resistant to the acid from bacteria, and the occurrence of caries in teeth.

The whitening of teeth in dental office takes about 1 hour and is carried out in 1 or 2 terms, depending on how much we want to lighten shades. Gel with a high percentage of hydrogen, which after activation per light releases active oxygen that entersthe enameland"cleans" of dyes and pigments is applied to the teeth.

The durability of color after bleaching depends largely on the habits of patients and usually requires re-bleaching after 2-5 years.