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According to world statistics, 6% of dentists in the world dental laser use in everyday practice. The reason for such a small number of dentists who use lasers is the expensive technology and education, although the benefits of using lasers in dentistry are enormous.

The use of lasers allows us to conduct a wide range of dental procedures on hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity with minimal invasiveness and maximum precision. The main advantages of laser dentistry are:

  • exceptional precision when performing surgery with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue, therefor postoperative pain and period of wound healing minimized
  • because of the effect on the endings of nerve fibers, laser procedures are less painful than conventional and require a smaller amount of anesthesia or even the possiblity to work without local anesthesia
  • closing and coagulation of blood vessels during surgery while reducing the bleeding and often there is no need for sewing
  • bactericidal effect of laser energy destroys bacteria, sterilizesworking field and minimizes the possibility of post-operative infection
  • biostimulative action lasers with minimal tissue damage, reduced bleeding and action on the nerve endings in faster wound healing and tissue regeneration

The use lasers is polyvalent:

  • Treatment and removal of dental caries and old restorations
  • ''Smile line'' or gingivoplasty, therapy of prolonging the clinical crown of tooth.
  • Surgical procedures on soft tissues
  • The use in endodontic purposes
  • Cleaning dental pockets
  • Treatment perimplantitises
  • Biostimulation in wound healing

In addition to all above the laser is extremely grateful to work with children for the fact that it is minimally invasive and extremely painless.