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A signature smile

Osmjeh s potpisom

Throughout the years our work and experience have led to a deep understanding of the patient's desire – a beautiful smile. By redesigning a smile the life of most patients changes for the better. Smile-design is a term being used for the last decade in cosmetic dentistry to describe the whole procedure of creating a harmonious smile that will replace the existing disharmony of a patient's smile. Smile-design includes planning and predicting of the patient's desired cosmetic surgery results in combination with certain rules relating the shape of face, lips, smile, teeth and gingiva. For a smile beautiful and pleasing to the eye, beside the position, shape, slope, visibility and color of teeth, additional important factors that we must consider are a harmonious flow of the gums and its visibility when you smile, as well as the shape of lips and lower face.

Following the most common rules of golden cut (Golden cut, Leonardo da Vinci) and other parameters for harmony of teeth, smile and gum, we pay special attention to the individuality of each work and personal characteristics of each patient, so the final results are uniquely adapted to every single patient. With this type of work we put a signature on each design because every smile is completely individual and customized for our patient.

When designing a smile and estimating esthetic rehabilitation during the first clinical examination of the state of teeth, x-ray pictures, a set of photographies of teeth and smile and dental prints are taken for construction of master models. In consultation with the patient we determine the main directions of the wanted change. After the situation analysis we develop a plan of treatment based on the following parameters:

  • condition of teeth in the oral cavity
  • the position of teeth
  • bite
  • the color of teeth
  • the course of the gingiva
  • lip shape
  • face shape
  • the visibility of teeth and gums in the smile
  • functional movement of lips when speaking
  • patient's age
  • patient's sex.

After completing the analysis, the patient is proposed with a treatment plan and a mock-up on teeth is prepared(a trial upgrade of teeth with composite material) that helps the patient to get a complete insight into the appearance after the final work. When all parameters are met and the patient is satisfied with the mock-up and future appearance, only then the preparation of the final aesthetic prosthetic work can start.