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Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the "foundations" of our teeth, that is bones and structures that hold our teeth firmly in the bone.

Chronic inflammation of the periodontium (periodontitis / periodontitis) is today the world's most widespread disease of the oral cavity. It is caused by bacteria present in the oral cavity, which feed on food debris, form plaque and tartar, and deposit on the dental roots. Here, on the tooth roots they secrete their own toxins and acids that cause inflammation of the gums and the disappearance of bone structure. The consequence of untreated periodontitis is dangling and falling out of teeth due to the disappearance of the bones.

While up until 30 years ago periodontitis was considered to be an incurable disease, today there are many materials, techniques and procedures which treat diseased periodontal tissue and prevent the progression of periodontitis.

Basis periodontal treatment is good oral hygiene of the patient, and regular control. The doctor in the practice works to remove bacteria from the cleaning of dental roots, first by plaque removal and cleaning of cleaning of dental pockets after which it is estimated if it is necessary to perform additional surgery to remove residual bacteria, installation of additional bone, soft tissue transformation, etc.

Plaque removal and cleaning of dental pockets is done manually, by ultrasound or laser.

Regular removal of plaque, good oral hygiene, good work on teeth and uninterrupted dental sequences are crucial factors in preventing periodontitis while regular controls allow its early detection.